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Where the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas get “Dressed”

Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas TX |

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The cooler months along the coast are given new life every Winter with some whimsical yarn-bombing on the beach. The Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas are a whimsical, colorful addition to the wooden bollards on the sand, and they are a much anticipated sight to locals and visitors alike each year.

If you have yet to explore Port A during the off-season, come on down and walk the beach to find these delightful crocheted creations. They are truly little works of art! Here’s what you need to know about where the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas get “dressed”.

Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas TX | Port Aransas Explorer

What are the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas

The Bollard Buddies are a collection of hand-crafted bollard decorations that appear every year in the Winter. They are each crocheted by the original creator or submitted by a fellow crafter who joined in on the fun.

There are approximately 400 decorated, or “dressed” bollards that are decorated, along this stretch of Port Aransas Beach Road. Driving on the beach is allowed, and there’s parking along the bollards. Feel free to park and walk the whole display to experience them close up.

Some of my favorites include the sea turtles, the snorkeler, Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth. There’s even a Chewbacca and C3PO. Some people are SO creative.

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Who creates them

The Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas are the creation of Diana Vondra, who started the Yarn Bomb Project after a trip to France and enjoying the yarn-bombed streets of Avignon. Her desire to bring that colorful joy back to the States resulted in her unique project of Yarn Bombing in Port A in 2016.

When others inquired about contributing, Diana determined the proper dimensions and some of the talented crafters’ creations are now on display. There are contributors from all over the country, and local volunteers to help monitor the Buddies, who are affectionately called the Bollard Brigade. Through the years, some Buddies have faded from the sun, or been damaged and have been retired.

According to the founder, there are 411 bollards that were “dressed” this year. I hope this yarn bombing tradition is one that lasts for many years!

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When are they on display

The Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas are typically on display from the week after Christmas to early March. They are taken down before Spring Break for cleaning and storage. The characters and themed creations vary slightly each year, so they’re worth seeing again and again. This is the 8th year the Bollard Buddies are on display.

These colorful creations, including Queen Elizabeth, Betty Boop, Elvis, Bluey, sea turtles, and some sports team fans, are a fun addition to the beach during the cooler off-season in Port Aransas when there are fewer crowds.

Please remember, the Bollard Buddies are hand-crafted works and a treasure to enjoy. Just be sure to leave for all to admire and not remove them.

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Where to find the Bollard Buddies

If you’re in town, take Beach Street to Horace Caldwell Pier to find the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas. There are 400+ of them spanning both to the left toward the jetties and the right of the pier, from approximately I. B. Magee Beach Park to the Dunes Condominiums.

You can drive along the beach to view the bollards, but please watch for pedestrians and traffic around you in this area. For a better close-up view, consider parking at one end of the display and walking the decorated stretch of bollards.

There are also a few Bollard Buddies on display around town at businesses and restaurants. Go exploring and see if you can spot them.

People are so creative, and locals and visitors all love the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas!

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Interested in learning to crochet?

Where do the Bollard Buddies in Port Aransas get dressed |
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