5 Reasons to Visit the Beach in the Fall

5 Reasons to Visit Port Aransas in the Fall | Port Aransas Explorer

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The beach is magnetic. Regardless of the season, the sandy shoreline pulls you back year after year to create new memories with family and friends. While summer trips to the beach are as natural as sunshine itself, a visit to the coast during the Fall offers a unique experience for even the seasoned beach-lover.

As the seasons change from Summer to Fall, the beach takes on a different feel. The crowds of summer dissipate, while swimsuits and flip flops are traded for light sweaters and bonfires. Once the cooler days of Fall descend upon South Texas, here are 5 reasons why it’s a great time to take a trip to the coast and sink your toes in the sand.

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Beach in Port Aransas TX | www.portaransastex.com

Cooler weather

When Fall arrives in late September, cooler temperatures slowly descend upon South Texas. While cooler doesn’t mean cold, Fall in Texas just means below 90 degrees. Sea breezes lower the humidity slightly, so spending the day on the sand or on the boat is a lot more enjoyable.

If you prefer being barefoot, you’ll enjoy the cool water under your feet as you walk along in the surf, and your feet won’t burn on the sand.

Take in the crisp mornings with a walk along the beach, out to the South jetty, or along the ship channel at Roberts Point Park. Leave the Summer tank top at home and grab a cozy Fall sweater or windbreaker instead. The waterfront breezes in the morning will have you reaching for an extra layer of warmth.

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Seashells in Port Aransas | www.portaransastex.com

Shells aplenty

Due to fewer crowds and changing gulf currents, you may find there are more seashells that wash ashore. Walk the beach in the early mornings to explore and discover the treasures of the sea and see how many you can identify.

One of the best places to do shelling is on St. Joe’s Island, via the Jetty Boat, just across the ship channel from Mustang Island and Port Aransas. Trips across run every hour 6am-6pm.

More peaceful, laid back, very relaxing, Fewer crowds, easier beach parking, more room to spread out on the beach.

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Dining out at Montego Bay/Ziggy's Hideout | Port Aransas Explorer
Caprese Salad at Montego Bay & Ziggy’s Hideout

Eating out is easier

It’s no secret that Port Aransas has some great restaurants. With over 50 dining places in town, you and your family have a lot of options for grabbing a great meal. In the Fall, restaurants are much less crowded, making it easier to get seated and feel less rushed during your meal.

Large groups are much easier to accommodate in the off-season as well, including special functions like family reunion vacations, girls weekends, and wedding parties.

Better rates

Weekly and nightly rates are cheaper in the Fall, which is the beginning of the “off-season”. In September, young families begin sending their kids back to school and are less likely to travel to the coast during the upcoming months. So you’ll find that your favorite rentals will lower their rates to encourage visitors during this downtime.

You’ll likely be able to find availability closer to or on the beach during the off-season months of Fall. If your travel dates are flexible, consider choosing September through December for your visit to the beach, and you’ll save enough money to splurge on that deep sea fishing trip.

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Sunrise at the Jetty in Port Aransas | www.portaransastex.com

Stunning skies

It’s no secret that the skies over the coast in Port Aransas can provide a stunning daily show. But there’s something about Fall skies that really brings out the striking colors in the sky. Plan ahead to have your camera ready because the colors change within minutes.

From watching the sunrise at the beach or jetty to relaxing with the sunset over the Corpus Christi Bay, the beautiful warm colors of the sky will have you reaching for your sunglasses, taking a deep breath and saying, “wow”.

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Other things to do at the beach in the Fall

Bonfires. What better way to enjoy the chill of the evening than to gather your friends and family around a beach bonfire. Bring a light blanket, your best stories, and all the fixings to make s’mores.

Carve sand pumpkins. Get creative and sandy by sculpting your own jack-o-lantern on the beach. Bring buckets and small shovels to create your own spooky pumpkin pumpkin patch.

Your thoughts

What do you and your family like to do in Port Aransas in the Fall and off-season months? Comment below and tell me your favorite Fall beach activities.

5 Reasons to Visit Port Aransas in the Fall | Port Aransas Explorer
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5 Reasons to Visit Port Aransas in the Fall | Port Aransas Explorer
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