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Why a Cruiser Bike is a Great Way to Explore Port Aransas

Beach Cruiser bike | Port Aransas Explorer

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you reach the Gulf coast is the salty smell of the ocean water, drifting in warm breezes across the sand. You breathe it in, your shoulders relax and your mind instantly feels at ease. The natural beauty of Port Aransas simply begs you to enjoy the outdoors on a cruiser bike.

During the socially-distanced Summer of 2020, my husband and I bought our kids new bikes to encourage them to burn some energy outdoors and have some old-fashioned fun. We decided on hybrid electric bikes and bought the last ones available at our nearby bike shop, who admitted that bike sales had been through the roof in recent months.

Everyone is looking for bikes this year!

Week-long vacations and weekend getaways don’t have be rushed when you’re on a bike. You’re on island time now. Sandy beaches and warm days will transport you into the laid-back beach vibe of Port Aransas.

Beach Cruiser bike | Port Aransas Explorer

Savor that peaceful feeling by hopping on a beach cruiser bike, touring the island and exploring the local highlights that make Port Aransas unique. Here’s why my teens say a cruiser bike is a great way to explore Port Aransas and Mustang Island.

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Comfortable cruising

Beach cruiser bikes are made for the perfect easy ride. While riding along the sandy beach or through Old Town Port A, the larger tires ensure a more cushioned ride than traditional bike. The wider seat provides for a more upright sitting position that goes well with a mounted cupholder and a cold drink.

Huffy Women’s Cruiser Bike 26″ in Gloss Blue, $192

Put on your swimsuit and flip-flops and take the scenic route to the beach, it’s time for some fun.

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Fun and fitness

Beach cruiser bikes are a fun way be active while you’re away from home and out of your normal exercise routine. Hop on the bike to cruise around Port Aransas neighborhoods or along the streets in town for a low-impact workout. You’ll strengthen your leg muscles and clear your mind in the process. Fresh air and sunlight are great for keeping the mind fit too.

My mom loves this 3-wheel adult trike! Riding the bikes is truly fun for our whole family.

Another popular style is an electric bicycle that gives you a boost when pedaling. My kids love these, especially when they plan to be out exploring ALL day. Now that they’re teens, we can’t imagine a summer without them. They’re great for biking all over town to lunch, shop and cruise the beach!

Nakto Adult Electric Cruiser Bicycle 26″, $649

Most beach cruisers don’t have gears to adjust to help with hills, which is not a problem given that Port Aransas beaches and Mustang Island are relatively flat. But if you’re looking for a geared cruiser bike, they are available online and are a great find.

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Grab your gear and go

One of the best things about cruiser bikes is having plenty of space to install a bike basket. With all the hanging out we tend to do at the beach, a bike basket is the perfect bike addition to carry your towel, sunscreen and water bottle.

Some bike baskets attach in the front and have a quick-release feature, so you can carry the basket. Other bike baskets attach in the rear of the bike and can hold larger items like beach bags or small coolers.

Retrospec Detachable Apollo Bike Basket with Handles, $25

Exploring Port Aransas on a cruiser bike is such a fun experience, regardless of the time of year. You and your family may discover something new around town that you’ve missed seeing before, simply because you were exploring town on a bike.

Just remember, when biking on streets to be careful of vehicles and golf carts. Be sure to follow all traffic rules and watch for pedestrians. Use caution, be smart and stay safe.

So go ahead and have that extra ice cream. After all, you’ve been biking all over the island and you’ve earned it!

Why a Beach Cruiser is a Great Way to Explore Port Aransas | Port Aransas Explorer
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