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What to do in Port Aransas When You Need Space

Kayaking in Port Aransas |

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In light of these uncertain times, I think it’s safe to say we’re all seeking ways to create some space. For some, it may be difficult to maintain some distance between family and friends at home, but in Port Aransas, the possibilities are many. Now is a great time to get out and explore to get some space in Port Aransas.

As of today, there are local recommendations to avoid large gatherings, so I’ve gathered a 11+ ideas on ways to get some space in Port Aransas according to your social distancing comfort level.

Have suggestions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

Beach in Port Aransas |

Walk the beautiful beach

Port Aransas has over 8 miles of beautiful coastline and Mustang Island as a whole boasts about 19 miles worth. You can easily take advantage of Port Aransas beaches without the crowds.

Enjoy a long walk along the shore, exercise your dogs in the morning and evenings (on a leash please). Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the salty ocean air alone and in peace.

Sunrise at the Jetty |

Catch a sandy sunrise

Rise early and begin your day at the beach by watching the sun rise over the ocean. Drive north on the beach toward Horace Caldwell Pier and park near the jetty to have a prime view of the blazing beautiful sun and it peeks over the horizon.

It’s peaceful, it’s bright and it’s humbling. Highly recommended.

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Seashells in Port Aransas |

Enjoy some shelling

Ocean currents in the Gulf of Mexico can push ashore surprising seashell treasures on occasion. Wander the seashore near Mustang Island State Park or on San Jose Island to find the best untouched seashell finds.

While scouring the beach, you may want to bring along a metal detector for some treasure hunting. You never know what you may find!

Port Aransas Nature Preserve |

Take delight in birding

There are several places around Port Aransas to take in nature, apart from the beach, and there’s no shortage of stunning shore birds to document, study or photograph. Hike along the city trails from the Community Park to the Nature Preserve Pavilion, visit the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center or enjoy the wildlife from Wetland Park.

The Port Aransas Nature Preserve has created a Family Field Guide for the natural and birding areas. This time of year, it will be just you, the birds and maybe a 10-foot alligator (not joking).

Ride a bike around town

Port Aransas is a very bike-friendly city, especially in the Old Town area north of Avenue G and Cut Off Road. Use popular fitness apps like MapMyFitness to select pre-calculated routes, or just cruise for your solitary enjoyment.

I’m more of a cruiser than a speed-biker, so I attached this mileage tracker to my bike last summer to calculate my speed, time and distance. It’s solar-powered, backlit and tells me the temperature outdoors on my ride around town. I also love my bike basket that holds my hat, sunscreen and my waterproof bluetooth speaker for the ride.

Forgot to bring your own bike? Rent one in town from Big Shell Bikes, Island Motor Bikes or KAZ’s Island Rentals.

Kayak in the bay in Port Aransas |

Go kayak in the bay

Explore the wetland areas from your own kayak as you paddle around the peaceful waters of Corpus Christi Bay, Redfish Bay or Laguna Madre. You can do some kayak fishing (don’t forget your handheld fish finder) or simply enjoy the beauty of nature from the isolation of your own vessel.

Bring your own kayak, pump up your inflatable kayak, or rent one for the day from Island Surf Rentals in Port Aransas.

Sunset in Port Aransas |

Soak up the sunset

There are several fantastic spots to soak up the sunset in Port Aransas. The sun sets over the sand dunes into the Corpus Christi Bay and can be best viewed on the bay side of Mustang Island from Charlie’s Pasture, accessed from the Community Park.

And oh, those amazing Port A skies.

Other awesome places to watch the sunset include: Roberts Point Park, Seafood & Spaghetti Works, Virginia’s On The Bay, or from the beach.

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Tackle some fishing

It’s been said that Port Aransas is “a drinking town with a fishing problem.” The city is certainly known for its fishing and draws lots of people year-round, from amateurs to pro anglers. With miles and miles of coastline, you don’t even need a boat to do some serious fishing on your own around town.

Fish from the beach, Horace Caldwell Pier, the south jetty, or from your own kayak or boat in the Corpus Christi Bay or the ocean. Use all these open areas to savor some relaxation and space in Port Aransas.

Stand up paddle boarding in Port Aransas |

Try stand up paddle boarding

The Corpus Christi Bay borders Mustang Island and provides ocean lovers, like you and me, with an ideal waterway for stand up paddle boarding. It’s a powerful upper body workout and a great way to enjoy some personal space in the water.

Need a lesson in the marina or guided bay tour? Schedule some water time with Port A H2O.

Try kite or windsurfing

If you’ve ever been at the coast and spotted someone kitesurfing, you’ll likely agree that it’s mesmerizing to watch. While at the mercy of the wind, the skill of the kitesurfer really is apparent. Kitesurfing, or windsurfing, is an active water sport that is ideal for someone who likes to enjoy the water alone.

Flying kites in Port Aransas |

Fly a kite

Port Aransas beaches are known for being fairly windy, which is a kite-lover’s dream. Find some space on the sand and loosen your kite’s string to enjoy watching it dance with the breeze.

In Port Aransas, the best place to find a quality kite selection is at Fly It Port A, the local kite shop. If you prefer to buy yours before you go, check out this beautiful Paradise Bird Kite or browse more beach kites here (I love those amazing octopus kites!).

Nowadays, they even make cool pocket-size kites that are easy to carry around and can likely be flown in your own yard.

Other ways to enjoy Port Aransas

Beach in Port Aransas 110318 |

Check out the local webcams

Check the various live webcams in Port Aransas to see what the beach looks like, what’s happening at the marina, which ships are coming in the ship channel or to check the ferry line status. Day time viewing on the webcams is best.

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Support a Local Business

Due to COVID-19 in the early months of 2020, many Port Aransas businesses, restaurants in particular, are struggling. Consider using your favorite restaurant’s in-house delivery service or drive-thru to grab your favorite meal while still maintaining your space in Port Aransas.

If you’re not picking up take-out or ordering delivery, consider purchasing a gift card to your favorite restaurant in Port A or sharing something you love about a local Port Aransas shop or boutique on social media. These small businesses will appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

Get your game on

If you’re feeling more like staying indoors, here’s a list of my favorite classic and newer family board games to consider:

If you’re blessed with time and patience, grab one of these 1000+ piece puzzles that take a day or two to put together. Assembling a puzzle is a solitary challenge that requires time, space and concentration.

Watch online for early movie and music releases

Check online shows and movie streaming services for special previews and exclusive movies. Subscribe to Disney+, Netflix, Hulu.

My favorite music streaming apps for a brain break are Spotify and Pandora. When I need a little dose of the beach, I find a coastal radio station, close my eyes and crank it up.

When it comes down to it, the beach in Port Aransas is the ideal place to be when you want to distance yourself from others or self-isolate. Need to get some space in Port Aransas, simply step outdoors. The beauty of the island is a serene respite from the cares of the world that is not to be missed.

Stay healthy, my beach-loving friends.

What to Do in Port Aransas When You Need Space |
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