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For many visitors to Mustang Island and Port Aransas, the idea of a tiny, secluded chapel nestled in the sand dunes is like a hidden treasure. The beautiful little white chapel is tucked away from the crowds of beach-goers and known only to avid Port Aransas history-lovers.

The Chapel on the Dunes is a picturesque hidden gem that offers unparalleled views of the sunrise, sunset and surrounding sand dunes.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about the Chapel on the Dunes.

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Where it’s located

The Chapel on the Dunes is located in an older section of Port Aransas in a residential area at 203 South 11th Street (where it intersects with Avenue B). While built on private property, the Chapel is situated on top of a beautiful sand dune behind the main house on the property.

It is said that the Chapel is built on the highest point on Mustang Island. When we drove by last Fall, we almost missed seeing it from the road. So look closely between the homes and you may spot it from the street, depending on the time of year.

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Who built it

Known locally as the “the little Chapel”, it was built between 1937-1938 by Aline B. Carter. Mrs. Carter was a Texas-born poet and humanitarian who lived on Mustang Island, and was Poet Laureate of Texas from 1947-1949.

Being a very spiritual woman, she was called the “White Angel” because of her flowing, white organdy dresses and loving service to the surrounding community. The Carter family still owns and maintains the Chapel.

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Why it was built

Mrs. Carter used her charming little Chapel for meditation and inspiration for writing her poetry books. It was (and still is today) a place of spiritual refuge and peace.

Can you imagine the soft morning light from the sunrise over the gulf, and the bold sunset light from the bay shining through the small windows each day? Mrs. Carter sometimes referred to her little chapel as the Chapel of Eternal Light.

After her death 1972, artist John Patrick Cobb painted the white-washed interior with inspiring Biblical murals. The murals depict Old Testament stories along the north wall, and imagery from the New Testament on the south wall.

Click on the video below to watch and hear the history of the Chapel on the Dunes, featuring Aline Carter’s daughter-in-law Aubrey Keating Carter.

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Chapel on the Dunes in Port Aransas 052618 |

What it is used for today

The Chapel on the Dunes hosts a few private functions these days, mostly small weddings and baptisms. The interior is quite small with just a few pews and standing room in the back, holding at most about 16-20 people. While there are beautiful views of the sand dunes and refreshing island breezes, there is no air-conditioning in the Chapel.

For Port Aransas locals, the chapel can be rented for special functions. The rental fees are put toward a maintenance fund for the Chapel, as well as a 10% donation to the local Port Aransas Museum.

If you’re looking for a year-long devotional, here is one of my favorites: The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Year-Long Bible Study for Women by Dr. Kimberly D. Moore.

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How you can tour it

As beautiful and enticing as visiting the chapel may seem, please remember that it sits on private property. The Carter Family still owns the Chapel and welcomes the community to visit through tours organized by the Port Aransas Museum.

Given the Chapel’s historical nature, the Port Aransas Museum offers guided Chapel tours on the first and third Saturday of each month. You can make tour reservations by calling 361-749-3800.

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Chapel on the Dunes in Port Aransas |

How to learn more

Chapel on the Dunes
203 South 11th Street

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  1. Dear Carter Family, I never knew the history of the Chapel of the Dunes. It is a very fascinating history indeed. Port A is my home away from home. I fish there often, about once per month. But I didn’t know this chapel existed. I will need to visit it one day when I’m at Port A again. During this pandemic season I hope your family stays safe and healthy. Peace to you all!

  2. Hello Carter Family,
    I was so surprised that I have never seen or heard of this chapel until now. I have been coming to Port A numerous times a year since I was a child and I’m 65yrs now. What a treat to read and view. I hope to visit and take a tour soon when this COVID-19 virus is under control. Thank you for sharing. Stay well.

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  6. My twin sister and I have been coming to Port Aransas almost our whole life. We are now 65. We discovered the Little Chapel in the early 70’s and visited it often. We had forgotten about it for a long time and then some how rediscovered it. Now we try to go back to see it as often as we can.
    We Love the history. I believe Mrs. Carter also used it for a Sunday School for children who lived on the island.

  7. We found it in February of 2022 and it is indeed a place of wonder and peace


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