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How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting at the Beach & First Aid Kit Tips

How to treat a jellyfish sting at the beach | Port Aransas Explorer

There are many different types of sea life that may be found along the shore of Mustang Island, as you explore Port Aransas. Two common sea creatures are Jellyfish and the Portuguese Man of War, both of which can give quite a powerful sting if touched. Be prepared to save the day by learning how to treat a jellyfish sting at the beach, plus some tips on how to assemble your own beach first aid kit.

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How a Humidifier can Help Your Sunburned Skin

Why a Humidifier will Help Your Sunburned Skin | Port Aransas Explorer

The sun can be brutal after spending hours on the beach. You can ensure that your tender skin gets the moisture it needs by drinking lots of water, applying after sun aloe and lotion, and by using a humidifier. Using a humidifier for sunburn can be helpful in providing extra moisture to overly dry, tender skin. Because we all know that the worst thing you can do for sunburned skin is let it get dry… because then you’ll surely peel for days. Ouch.

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Tasty Eats & Sweets at Coffee Waves

A visit to Port Aransas will have you enjoying fun in the sun and sand, and your first stop before and after the beach should be the cool coastal coffee shop, Coffee Waves. Their wide variety of hot and cold coffee drinks will get you going in the morning, the paninis will have you coming back for lunch, and the delicious gelato will amaze your tastebuds. Coffee in Port Aransas has never been better.


Loco for Lunch at Lelo’s Island Bar

Lelo's Island Bar | Port Aransas Explorer

If you consider yourself to be a burger connoisseur, then you’ll understand why Port Aransas locals and visitors alike have gone ‘loco’ for Lelo’s. This colorful little island shack has delighted my family for many meals in the past year, each bringing a big burger with big flavor. You’ll understand the appeal of these burgers in Port Aransas after the first bite has you saying, “Mmmmm, so good”!