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10 Things I Always Pack in my Beach Bag

What's in my Beach Bag sunglasses | Port Aransas Explorer

As I was organizing some photos from last week’s visit to Port Aransas, I began thinking of how I prepared for our long days by the water and exploring around town. I had packed a large tote bag for the day and was prepared with everything the kids and I needed, including all the beach necessities. With a little forethought and prep, I felt super prepared with our beach bag packing situation, so I want to share a few of my favorite items that I love to take with me to the beach. Hopefully this will help you prepare your ‘I’ve-got-everything-we-need’ bag for the next day on the sand.


5 Reasons to Visit the Beach in the Fall

5 Reasons to Visit Port Aransas in the Fall | Port Aransas Explorer

While summer trips to the beach are as natural as sunshine itself, a visit to the coast during the Fall offers a unique experience for even the seasoned beach-lover. Once the cooler days of Fall descend upon South Texas, here are 5 reasons why it’s a great time to take a trip to the coast and sink your toes in the sand.