Shopping Spotlight: Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods in Port Aransas

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Although Cita has been open in Port Aransas for years, the locally-owned shop has weathered the storm of Hurricane Harvey to build and reopen in a new location on the main street in Port A in Spring of 2018. Housed in the Old Town Cottages on North Alister Street, Cita Resort Wear and Home Goods is in good company with the neighboring retail shop of Georgia’s Children’s Boutique.

Known as a great place to find coastal furniture, Cita is also a clothing mecca for women and men alike. Their resort wear selection is extensive and colorful, like candy for the eyes. Just as they offer the coastal decor and furniture to finish off your home, they also offer an impressive jewelry selection to help you accessorize your newest outfit.

The new location is stunning, bright and welcoming, so let’s walk through…


Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods | www.portaransastex.com
via facebook.com/citaporta

What You Need to Know

Cita’s selection is quite large, considering they offer clothing for both men and women. Their popular lines include Tommy Bahama and embroidered Moroccan kaftans for women.

Cita is known for its wide selection of beautiful jewelry and accessories. The colors are bright, the textures are a delight to the senses. The Turkish jewelry finds and serving dishes are truly some of the prettiest pieces in the store.

Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods | www.portaransastex.com
via facebook.com/citaporta

Cita’s furniture collection is ever-changing and there’s always an unexpected piece to make you say “wow”. Their variety in coastal styles, fabrics and colors will make you want to circle through it all again and again… maybe even stay a while.

You’ll find colorful embroidered pillows, Tommy Bahama candles (love the scent Coconut Oasis), resort-style lamps, and ocean-themed wall decor as well.

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Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods | www.portaransastex.com
via facebook.com/citaporta

Walking through Cita’s new location is a feast for the eyes. Everything they offer is high-quality, from the upholstered chairs to the embroidered tunics, and truly gives you the upscale coastal vibe.

Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods | www.portaransastex.com
via facebook.com/citaporta

Receiving new stock shipments weekly, Cita is an ever-changing boutique just waiting to be explored. I could literally spend all afternoon wandering through the store.

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Cita Resort Wear & Home Goods | www.portaransastex.com
via facebook.com/citaporta

Stop in on your next visit to Port Aransas and let Cita impress you.

Where to Find It

Cita Coastal Resort Wear & Home Goods
129 N. Alister St., Suite 101
Port Aransas, TX 78373



Old Town Cottages in Port Aransas | www.portaransastex.com
via Old Town Cottages



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