What has Reopened in Port Aransas Since Hurricane Harvey | www.portaransastex.com

What has Reopened in Port Aransas Since Hurricane Harvey | www.portaransastex.com


(last updated 9/2/18)


– Ace Hardware: OPEN as of March 15
– Alister Street Carts: OPEN
– Ash Cart Rental: OPEN
– Aston’s Tile: OPEN at Tower Center
– Balinese Wellness Spa: OPEN
– Bay Quest: under repair, reopening in summer 2018
– Big Shell Bikes: OPEN in temporary location, 361-445-7001
– BoardHouse Surf & Skate: OPEN
– Bojon’s: OPEN
– Bron’s Beach Carts: OPEN, 361-290-7143 www.bronsbeachcarts.com
– C&G Sisters Island Boutique: OPEN
– Casa Bella Salon: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– Cell Phone Island: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– Chilla’s Storage & Gift Shop: opening date TBD
– Cite Resort Interiors: OPEN as of May 25, 129 N. Alister St.
– Coastal Closet: OPEN as of Aug 2018
– Coastal Ed’s Coastal Cruisers: will reopen in new location, 361-749-7001 www.coastaleds.com
– Coastline Golf Carts: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– The Connoisseur: moving next to BoardHouse, opening TBD?
– Conspiratorium: OPEN
– The Dock on Mustang Island: need status update, 361-749-0511
– Family Center IGA: OPEN
– Farley Boat Works: OPEN 210-218-9961
– Finn’s Landing Shopping Center: OPEN on Hwy. 361, www.facebook.com/finnslanding
– Fire It! Ceramics: OPEN in former Connoisseur location, 361-749-7967
– Fly It Port A Kite Shop: OPEN in new location on Cut Off Rd, original building demolished & to be rebuilt
– Georgia’s A Children’s Boutique: OPEN at The Shops at Old Town
– Gratitude: OPEN
– Harvey House Interiors: OPEN as of May 25, 210 N Alister, Ste. 101
– Hot Nails: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– I.B. McGee Beach Park: closed for repairs
– Indigo Eclectic: OPEN at Shops at Port A as of April 14
– Island Motor Bikes: OPEN
– Island Woman Boutique: OPEN as of March 5 at Tower Center
– The Islander Souvenir Shop: OPEN
– Karen Decker Fitness: Opening June 7, 320 W. Avenue G
– Lisa Mayo Interiors: will open in former Saltgrass Boutique location on April 20
– Lone Star Taste: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– Massage in a Bottle: OPEN
– Mermaid Kisses Beach Boutique: OPEN as of April 27
– Mrs. Woody Jr’s: OPEN
– My Coastal Home: OPEN in new location in Tower Center
– Nueces County Water District: OPEN at Tower Center
– The Palm Republic of Texas: OPEN
– Palmilla Beach Golf Club: under repair, reopening late 2018, 361-749-4653 www.palmillabeachgolfclub.com
– Port A Glass Studio & Art Gallery: OPEN as of April 20
– Port A Outfitters: OPEN as of March 21, 361-749-3474 www.portaoutfitters.com
– Port Aransas & Mustang Island Chamber of Commerce: OPEN
– Port Aransas Art Center: OPEN 361-749-7334 www.portaransasartcenter.org
– Port Aransas Business Center: OPEN
– Port Aransas Counseling and Consultation: OPEN
– Port Aransas Sandcastle Guy: OPEN
– Port Aransas South Jetty: OPEN
– Port Aransas Taxi: OPEN
– Port Aransas VFW Post 8967: under construction?
– Potters on Cotter: status update needed, 361-749-7712
– Raggdoll Boutique: OPEN as of March 10
– Roam Boutique: OPEN 361-215-0006 www.roamportaransas.com
– Rollin’ Tide Boil Co.: OPEN
– Saltwater Gypsies: OPEN as of May 24, 345 N. Alister St, Suite E-1
– Shops at Port A: All shops OPEN, www.facebook.com/shopsatporta
– Stewart Title: OPEN at the Shops at Port A
– Susan Castor Collection: OPEN
– Taste of Texas: OPEN at the Shops at Port A
– Texas: Island Made: OPEN
– The Floral Reef: OPEN
– The Palm Republic: OPEN www.thepalmrepublicoftexas.com
– Third Coast Beach: OPEN as of March 10
– Tippy Toe’s: OPEN as of April 21
– Tower Center: All shops OPEN, www.facebook.com/towercenterporta
– Winton’s Island Candy: OPEN
– Zarsky Lumber: OPEN
– 12 Guage Tattoo and Piercing: OPEN 320 W Ave G, 361-416-1320

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– 361 Bar: OPEN at the Shops at Port A
– Back Porch Bar: OPEN
– Beach & Station St. Grill: OPEN
– Bernie’s Beach House: OPEN
– Billy Joe’s Craft House: OPEN at Finn’s Landing shopping center
– Black Marlin Bar & Grill: OPEN, 361-749-4653, 258 Snapdragon at Palmilla Beach Resort
– Bluewater Cowboy Saloon: OPEN <– NEW!
– The Brewery: OPEN, www.portaransasbrewery.com
– Bron’s Beach Carts & Backyard: OPEN, 361-749-0609
– Cancun Mexican Restaurant: OPEN as of April 23 at Shops at Port A
– Castaways: OPEN as of Aug 25, moved across street into former Phoenix building
– Coach’s Grill: OPEN in former Frankie’s location
– Coffee Waves: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– Crazy Cajun: OPEN
– Crystal Clear Pools of Port A: OPEN in off-site location, 361-749-4853
– Dairy Queen: OPEN
– Desserted Island Ice Cream: OPEN
– Dollar General: OPEN
– Domino’s Pizza: OPEN
– Donut Palace: OPEN
– Fins Grill & Icehouse: OPEN
– The Gaff: OPEN
– Giggity’s: OPEN
– Harbor Lights Grill: OPEN 361-749-0771, 136 W. Cotter Ave.
– Island Cafe & Smokehouse: OPEN as of March 13
– Irie’s Island Food: OPEN
– Jay’s Seafood & Spaghetti Works: OPEN as of Jan. 19
– Kody’s: OPEN as of Feb. 15
– La Barataria Restaurant & Wine Bar: OPEN, moved from Island Moorings to Cotter St., 361-749-2212 www.labaratariarestaurantwinebar.com
– La Playa Mexican: OPEN, 361-749-0022
– Lisabella’s: OPEN at Cinnamon Shore
– MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen: OPEN as of Feb. 2, www.macdaddysfamilykitchen.com
– Miss K’s Deli: OPEN as of Feb 14
– Moby Dick’s: OPEN as of Jan 30, 361-749-9447 www.mobydicksporta.com
– Oceans of Seafood: under construction, opening TBD
– The Phoenix: OPEN as of Feb 14, moved to new location at Island Moorings
– Pizza Hut: OPEN
– Pizzeria Port A: OPEN as of Feb. 5
– Port A Beach Lodge: OPEN
– The Salty Dog: building torn down, under construction, opening 2019?
– Shell’s Pasta & Seafood: OPEN
– Shorty’s Place: OPEN
– Spanky’s Liquor: OPEN in former Connoisseur building next door
– Stingray’s Grill: OPEN 361-749-2286
– Subway: OPEN at Shops at Port A
– Taqueria San Juan: OPEN
– Treasure Island: OPEN
– Trout Street Bar & Grill: opening April 27, www.tsbag.com
– Venetian Hot Plate: OPEN as of April 10: www.venetianhotplate.com
– Virginia’s on the Bay: OPEN
– Whataburger: OPEN
– WB Liquors: OPEN as of Feb 17

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– Alister Square Inn: OPEN 361-749-3000
– Amelia’s Landing: OPEN 361-749-5572
– Angler’s Court: OPEN 361-790-6540
– Aransas Princess Condos: under construction, opening TBD, 361-749-5118
– Balinese Wellness Spa & Yoga Retreat: OPEN 361-749-0003 www.balinesespaporta.com
– Bay Tree Condominiums: OPEN 361-749-5859 www.portaransastxcondos.com
– Beachcomber Motel: OPEN 361-749-6191 www.beachcomberportaransas.com, 539 12th St.
– Beachgate: OPEN
– Beachside: OPEN
– Best Western: OPEN 361-749-3010 www.bwporta.com
– Camp Coyocan: OPEN, 1-888-521-9806 www.campcoyoacan.com
– Captain’s Quarters Inn: status update needed, opening TBD, 361-749-6005 www.captainsquartersportaransas.com
– Casa Condominiums: under repair, opening TBD, 361-749-6942 www.casaonthebeach.com
– Channel View Condos: status update needed, opening TBD, 1-800-234-8110 www.channelviewcondos.com
– Cinnamon Shore Rentals: OPEN 361-749-0422
– Cline’s Landing: Open maybe mid-2019?
– Coral Cay Beachfront Condominiums: under repair, reopening date TBD, 361-749-5111 www.coralcay.com
– Costa Bahia Apartments: under repair, limited availability, www.facebook.com/costabahia
– Days Inn: OPEN
– Double Barr Cottages: OPEN 361-749-5582
– The Dunes Condos: under construction, opening TBD, 361-749-5155 www.thedunescondos.com
– Executive Keys Condominiums & Apartments: under repair, reopening likely summer, 361-749-6272 www.execkeys.com
– Gibbs Cottages: update needed, reopening date TBD
– Gulf Shores Condominiums: under repair, opening Spring 2018, 1-800-654-3938
– Hampton Inn & Suites: OPEN, 361-749-8888
– Island Hotel: OPEN, 361-749-8200 www.islandhotelportaransas.com
– Island Retreat: under construction, reopening TBD, 361-749-6222
– Island Dunes Condominiums: under construction, opening June 2018, 361-749-4923 www.island-dunes.com
– Kingfish Courts: status update needed, 361-749-5527 www.kingfishcourts.com
– La Mirage: update needed
– Lost Colony: OPEN 1-888-512-0498
– Mayan Princess: under repair, reopening maybe mid-2019?
– Mustang Island Beach Club: under repair after substantial damage, likely open Spring 2018
– Mustang Towers: under construction, reopening maybe 2019?
– Old Town Cottages: OPEN as of May 25, 129 N. Alister St.
– Palmilla Beach Rentals: OPEN 1-888-512-0498
– The Pelican Condominiums & Beach House: under repair, reopening estimated 2019, www.thepelicancondos.com
– Pirate’s Bay: under construction, opening date TBD
– Plantation Suites: OPEN 361-749-3866
– Port A Beach Lodge: OPEN
– Port Aransas Inn: status update needed, under repair, opening TBD
– Port Royal: OPEN, some units still under repair, 1-888-553-8940 www.port-royal.com
– Sandcastle Condominiums: under construction, opening TBD
– Sandollar Sity: OPEN as of March 29
– Sandpiper Condominiums: under construction, reopening 2019?, 361-749-6251 www.sandpiperportaransas.com
– Sea & Sand Cottages: reopening by Memorial Day, 361-749-5191 www.seaandaandcottages.com
– Sea Breeze Suites: under repair, open early 2018, 361-749-1500 www.seabreezeportaransas.com
– Sea Gull Condominiums: under construction, opening TBD, 1-800-543-0818 www.seagullcondos.com
– Seashell Village Resort: OPEN 361-749-4294 www.seashellvillage.com
– Seaside Motel & Condominiums: status update needed, opening TBD
– Shark Reef: OPEN 361-749-6993
– Sunflower Beach: OPEN 361-749-2366 www.sunflowerbeach.com
– The Place Hotel: OPEN 361-416-1414
– The Tarpon Inn: OPEN as of April 25
– Village Walk: Most homes OPEN
– Vivienne’s View Villas: OPEN for rentals through Turnkey, www.facebook.com/viviennesview

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– Beachcomber Vacation Rentals: OPEN 361-749-7829 www.stayinporta.com
– Island Time Vacation Rentals: OPEN
– My Port A Getaway: OPEN 512-789-9890
– Port A Beach House Company – Vacation Rentals: OPEN 361-749-0027 www.visitporta.net
– Port A Escapes: OPEN 361-749-2300
– Sand Key Realty: OPEN 361-749-4255 www.sandkeyrealtyporta.com
– Silver Sands Vacation Rentals: OPEN 361-749-2600
– Starkey Property Management: OPEN 361-749-3591 www.starkeyproperties.com
– Tradewinds Vacation Rentals: OPEN www.portatradewindsvacationrentals.com
– Turnkey Vacation Rentals: OPEN at Shops at Port A, 1-888-512-0498 www.turnkeyvr.com

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– Fun Time RV Park: OPEN
– Groff RV: OPEN
– Gulf Waters RV Resort: OPEN 361-749-4978 www.gulfwatersrvresorttx.com
– Island RV Resort: OPEN 361-749-5600 www.islandrvresort.com
– Marina Beach RV: OPEN & taking reservations, 361-749-7823
– On the Beach RV Park: OPEN
– Pioneer Beach RV Resort: OPEN 361-749-6248
– Port A RV Resort: OPEN 361-429-4149
– Surfside RV Resort: OPEN 361-746-8044 www.surfsiderv.com
– Tropic Island Motel & RV Resort: OPEN 361-749-6128 www.tropicislandresort.com

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– Badfish Sportfishing: OPEN
– Bill Busters Sportfishing: OPEN
– Coop’s Guide Service: OPEN 361-813-2033
– Deep Sea Headquarters : OPEN
– Dolphin Adventures – Scarlet Lady: OPEN
– Dolphin Docks: OPEN 1-800-393-3474 www.dolphindocks.com
– Fisherman’s Wharf: OPEN
– Island Moorings Marina: OPEN
– Port A H2O Paddleboarding: OPEN 361-332-9031
– Red Dragon Pirate Cruises: OPEN
– Tejas Guide Service: OPEN 361-443-2830 www.tejascharters.com
– Texas Surf Camps: OPEN
– Tiki Tours TX: OPEN 361-929-8357 www.tikitourstx.com
– Woody’s Sports Center: OPEN, 361-749-5252 www.woodys-pa.com

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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– Charlie’s Pasture: Closed, under repair
I. B. Magee Beach Park: Under repair, 321 N. On the Beach Dr. 361-749-6117
– Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond: Closed, under restoration
– Leona Turnbull Birding Center: OPEN, still some damaged areas, 1356 Ross Ave. 361-749-4111
– Mustang Island State Park: OPEN for day use
– Port Aransas Community Park, Pool & Skate Park: OPEN, 700 Clark Pkwy. off Ross Ave.
– Port Aransas Nature Preserve: OPEN
– Roberts Point Park: OPEN, 301 J C Barr Blvd. 361-749-4111
– Wetland Park: OPEN, State Hwy. 361

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– A Mano
– A Slice of Chicago Pizza
– Avery’s Kitchen
– Behringer’s Landing
– Cypress Tree Boutique
– Drop Anchor Bar & Grill
– EATS (chef has opened Billy Joe’s Craft House)
– Frankie’s
– Hog Island Tacos
– Laughing Horse Lodge
– Rock Cottages
– Saltgrass Boutique
– Sirena Outfitters
– Tropical Ice Cream
– Wild Horse Saloon

Have we overlooked any businesses? If you know of another business that is now open/closed, please comment below and let us know.

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