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6 Ways to Enjoy Port Aransas on a Rainy Day

While we love our sunny days in Port Aransas, if you’re looking for rainy day activities in our city by the sea, here are a few suggestions…

1. Explore the Port Aransas Museum.

The museum is open three days a week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Docents give tours, historical lessons, games and tutorials.  They also give tours of the Little Chapel on the Hill.  Copies of more than 12,000 photos and documents pertaining to the history of Port Aransas are available for viewing, along with artifacts, oral histories of island locals and movies of Port Aransas in the 1920s.

2. Visit the historic Farley Boat Works.

See a pictorial history of the Farley family boat builders alongside a preserved 1930’s tarpon skiff, the “Tina”.  The Port Aransas Museum re-established the Farley Boat Works in 2011, and now boats are once again being born here.

3. Paint your own pottery at Fire It! Ceramics.

Select your favorite ceramic pieces to paint and let the courteous staff at Fire It! help you pick colors. Painting pottery is a great rainy day activity in Port Aransas.

4. See a performance at the Port Aransas Community Theater.
The Port Aransas Community Theatre provides a venue for live performances, movies, public interest presentations and much more. Check their schedule for upcoming performances for adults and children.

5. Fill your own bag of sweets at Winton’s Island Candy.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with all the candies and homemade fudge you can fit in your bag.  Don’t forget to say hello to their famous rattlesnake too!

6. Learn about marine life at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute’s Education Center or their public education programs.

The UTMSI Marine Science Education Center promotes marine science with self guided tours and educational movies.  Other attractions include seven aquaria displaying typical Texas coastal habitats and the organisms that live in them, including Spartina, black mangrove marsh, oyster reef, open bay bottom, rock jetty and offshore artificial reefs. Visit the Ocean Emporium gift shop for souvenirs and education items.  Over 40,000 visitors tour the facility annually.






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  1. I love going to Port A!!! Your guide is well written and will be helpful when I visit again. Great job!!! Whenever you are in Austin Texas though, be sure to check out my blogs for things to do.

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